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3110 Winona Avenue
Burbank, CA 91504
Mon-Thurs: 8-6 Fri: 8-5
● Fax: (818) 841 2896

Lennie Marvin's Prop Heaven in Burbank has an extensive inventory of Mannequins: White, Neutral, Brightly Painted, Various Shapes, Sizes and Colors. Men, Women, Boy and Girl Mannequins. Mannequin hands, Feet and Legs.

Visual Display Props: Display Trunks made of Wood with Faux Alligator Skin in Assorted Colors. Furniture, Lighting, Clothing Display Racks, Large Scale Vases, Display Carts and Tables.

In addition to Mannequins and Visual Display Props, Lennie Marvin's Prop Heaven is a full service Prop and Set Decor Rental House offering Period and Contemporary Set Dressing, Themed Decor and Oversize Props.

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