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Acme 1001 ~ eBook deadline
Acme 1001 ~ eBook deadline
December 30th is the deadline verify your profile for the Acme Directory, eBook edition. The eBook includes the top 1001 of our recommended resources.

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Whats in the Acme?
What's in the Acme?
Every production is unique, you never know what you'll need, but, knowing where to find it can be a real time $aver.

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Need some inspiration?
Need some inspiration?
We're always collecting random bits of information, often times it's little known or cared about facts.

Tags: costume, set decor, prop makers, prop rentals, set construction, locations, special effects

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The Feature Film & Television Industry relies on creative people who work with their hands and the specialized products or services offered by small businesses. Every project is unique, requiring new resources to design, build buy or rent just about anything. Having the right resource can make or break a project, that's why we only list vendors, artisans and professionals who have experience working with motion picture & television production.

All artisans, craft professionals, crew members and businesses who enjoy solving the quirky problems unique to the entertainment industry are welcome to submit an application.

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