Recommended production resources for Los Angeles

Find Vendors & Professionals for Film, Video, TV and Live Event Production in Los Angeles, CA

Looking for Prop Houses in Los Angeles or North Hollywood? Need to find Period Costume Rentals in Burbank, or Universal City, or maybe Picture Vehicles in Van Nuys? Find all that, and more in the ACME Production Directory for Los Angeles and the Western USA.

Production Resources for Costume Designers & Wardrobe Stylists

Costume & Wardrobe

Costume makers, wardrobe rentals, studio services, workrooms, and wardrobe trailers...

Costume & Wardrobe

Production Resources for Set Decorators & Buyers

Set Decor - Furnishings

Contemporary, mid-century modern, period and vintage furniture, cleared artwork, carpets, rugs and drapery.

Set Decor - Furnishings

Production Resources for Set Decorators & Art Directors

Set Decor - Set Dressing

Medical equipment, airplane mock-ups, clean trash, display fixtures, live plants and artificial trees.

Set Decor - Set Dressing

Production Resources for All Departments

Production Expendables, Materials & Supplies

Artist materials, Special Effects Makeup, adhesives & tape, double wick movie candles, moldmaking, sculpting, casting supplies.

Expendables - Supplies

Production Crew Members & Professional Creatives

Film, Video, TV Crew and Artisan

Professional Creatives, Artisans, IATSE Union Crew Members and Non-Union Crew for Costume, Set Decoration, Property, Art Departments.

Film Crew - Artisans

Production Resources for Art Directors, Prop Masters & Set Decorators


Graphic Designers and Artists, 3D Printing, Specialty and Fine Arts Printing. Scenic Artists, Digital Translights, and Backdrop Rentals

Graphics - Scenic Artists

Production Resources for Location Managers & Scouts

Location Services - Equipment Rentals

Location Scouts & Location Managers, Location Services, Film Commissions, Set Safety, and Traffic Control.

Location Services

Production Resources for Location Managers, Production Managers & Coordinators

Production Services & Support

Personnel, services, supplies and equipment rentals for film & television production

Production Support

Production Resources for Set Decorators, Buyers & Prop Masters

Prop Houses - Prop Rentals

Historical to futuristic items: period and contemporary medical equipment, fake movie money, military and police equipment.

Prop Houses- Prop Rentals

Production Resources for Prop Masters, Special Effects Coordinators

Prop Makers - Special Effects

Prop Makers, Breakaways, Special Effects, SFX, and Stunt Equipment. Prop Guns, Pyrotechnics- Atmospheric, Lightning FX, Sculpting, and 3D Printing.

Prop Makers - Special Effects

Production Resources for Research

Research - Libraries

Cinema Design Research and Resources, Public and Research Libraries - Digital Archives and Research Collections.

Research - Libraries

Production Resources for Art Directors, Construction Coordinators, Scenic Artists

Scenery & Set Construction

Set Construction & Scenery, Building Materials, Hardware, Backdrops, Cyc Walls.

Scenery - Set Construction