Los Angeles Production Directory

Find Recommended Vendors & Professionals for media & event production in Los Angeles

Production Resources for Costume Designers & Wardrobe Stylists in Los Angeles

Costume & Wardrobe

Costume makers, wardrobe rentals, studio services, workrooms, and wardrobe trailers...

Costume & Wardrobe

Production Resources for Set Decorators & Buyers in Los Angeles

Set Decor - Furnishings

Contemporary, mid-century modern, period and vintage furniture, cleared artwork, carpets, rugs and drapery.

Set Decor - Furnishings

Production Resources for Set Decorators & Art Directors in Los Angeles

Set Decor - Set Dressing

Medical equipment, airplane mock-ups, clean trash, display fixtures, live plants and artificial trees.

Set Decor - Set Dressing

Production Resources for All Departments in Los Angeles

Production Expendables, Materials & Supplies

Artist materials, Special Effects Makeup, adhesives & tape, double wick movie candles, moldmaking, sculpting, casting supplies.

Expendables - Supplies

Production Crew Members & Professional Creatives in Los Angeles

Film, Video, TV Crew and Artisan

Professional Creatives, Artisans, IATSE Union Crew Members and Non-Union Crew for Costume, Set Decoration, Property, Art Departments.

Film Crew - Artisans

Production Resources for Art Directors, Prop Masters & Set Decorators in Los Angeles


Graphic Designers and Artists, 3D Printing, Specialty and Fine Arts Printing. Scenic Artists, Digital Translights, and Backdrop Rentals

Graphics - Scenic Artists

Production Resources for Location Managers & Scouts in Los Angeles

Location Services - Equipment Rentals

Location Scouts & Location Managers, Location Services, Film Commissions, Set Safety, and Traffic Control.

Location Services

Production Resources for Location Managers, Production Managers & Coordinators in Los Angeles

Production Services & Support

Personnel, services, supplies and equipment rentals for film & television production

Production Support

Production Resources for Set Decorators, Buyers & Prop Masters in Los Angeles

Prop Houses - Prop Rentals

Historical to futuristic items: period and contemporary medical equipment, fake movie money, military and police equipment.

Prop Houses- Prop Rentals

Production Resources for Prop Masters, Special Effects Coordinators in Los Angeles

Prop Makers - Special Effects

Prop Makers, Breakaways, Special Effects, SFX, and Stunt Equipment. Prop Guns, Pyrotechnics- Atmospheric, Lightning FX, Sculpting, and 3D Printing.

Prop Makers - Special Effects

Production Resources for Research

Research - Libraries

Cinema Design Research and Resources, Public and Research Libraries - Digital Archives and Research Collections.

Research - Libraries

Production Resources for Art Directors, Construction Coordinators, Scenic Artists in Los Angeles

Scenery & Set Construction

Set Construction & Scenery, Building Materials, Hardware, Backdrops, Cyc Walls.

Scenery - Set Construction