WULFGAR WEAPONS and PROPS - West Lafayette, Indiana, USA


West Lafayette, Indiana


Wulfgar Weapons & Props in West Lafayette, Indiana, build, fabricate and design props, costumes and sets. Creative Services include design and fabrication of: Specialty Costumes; Prop and Replica Manufacturing; Specialty Awards & Trophies; Signage & Business Advertisements; Set Design & Decor.

In addition to being Prop Makers, Costume Designers, Artists and Set Builders they are also available as promotional actors and models for cosplay events.


Keywords: Services include:, , 3D Design & PrintingLaser Cutting, CNC Metal Machining, Metal Smithing, Plastic Forming, Sculpting, Molding, Casting, Sewing, Leather Crafts, Foam Fabrication, Kitbashing, Model Making
Region: Chicago
Instagram: https://instagram.com/wulfgarweapons
IMDB: https://imdb.com/name/nm9067258
LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/james-t-wulfgar-504084135
Facebook: https://facebook.com/wulfgarweapons
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WulfgarWeapons