WECUTFOAM - Sunnyvale, California, USA

1248 Birchwood Drive
Sunnyvale, California 94089


WeCutFoam - Foamlinx in Sunnyvale, offers CNC Hot Wire Foam Cutting, Machining & Printing on Foam. Services include: Fabrication of Custom Realistic Props & Decor, Sculptures, Signs, for Exhibits & Trade Shows. Dimensional Stage Foam Letters, Large Logos, LED Signs, Vinyl Wraps on Foam, Exhibits, Displays and Stage Settings.
They now offer a new service of wrapping adhesive vinyl printing designs onto foam, enabling complex artistic patterns that cannot be otherwise achieved with painting.
WeCutFoam is a one-stop shop for custom artwork and decor, including hard coating, artistic painting, and life-size props. Serving the Movie, Film & Television Industry, as well as Weddings, Special Events, Trade Shows, Retail Stores, Sign Shops and Museums.

Foamlinx, a division of WeCutFoam specializes in cost effective, high quality CNC Foam Cutters for 2D and 3D Foam Projects.


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Business Hours: Mon-Fri: 9-6 | Sat-Sun: 10-5
Website 2: http://www.foamlinx.com/
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Region: Los Angeles - Western USA