Vu Studio - Tampa, Florida, USA

1616 E. Bearss Avenue
Tampa, Florida 33613


Vu Studio is a 10,000 square foot state-of–the-art virtual production studio in Tampa, FL. It's home to one of the largest LED Volumes in the world and houses the most advanced production technology, including Motion Control Robotics and advanced Motion Capture. (LED Volume is a fully enclosed space where motion capture and real-time compositing take place so that virtual environments can be easily produced for in-camera visual effects - ICVFX).

Virtual production allows for real-time adjustments on set, reducing costs, and making shoots faster and more flexible in a completely controlled environment.

Shoot anywhere in the world……in Tampa, FL.

Reality Redefined!!

Contact Heidi Meitzler, Director of New Business at Vu Studio (813) 690-8446, for more information about virtual production studio rental.


Region: Atlanta - Southeast
Business Hours: 24/7 or By Appointment
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