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2509 North Naomi Street
Burbank, California 91504


Fall Protection Equipment and Systems, Rescue Equipment, Descent Devices, Safety Hardware. VER Sales Fall Protection Products are Designed to Meet or Exceed the Current OSHA and ANSI Specifications. Rescue Equipment Should be a Part of Your Survival Equipment, Whether you Work in Rescue, Live in a Large City, or in the Wilderness. Your Survival in an Emergency Situation, Due to Cold Weather, Snow, or Rain, Depends on your Emergency Equipment. Automatic and Manual Descent Devices for Safe, Controlled Descent from Overhead Cranes, Towers, Buildings or Other Heights. Wide Variety of Safety Hardware Ranging from Lifting and Retention to Restraints and Rescue Equipment.


Region: Los Angeles - West Coast
Business Hours: Mon-Fri: 8-5
Phone 2: (800) 229 0518
Fax: (818) 567 3018


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