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7990 San Fernando Road Sun Valley, California 91352

The Alpha Companies supply Medical Props and Medical Set Dressing Rentals Medical for Motion Picture & Television production. They specialize in Hospital and Laboratory, Cleared Art, School, Classroom, and Office Furnishings.... more

1918 North Rosemead Boulevard South El Monte, California 91733

The American Military Museum is located at the Whittier Narrows Recreation Area. The museum has over 178 vehicles on display. World War I to Present Military Equipment. Tents, M...... more

506 Speedway Boulevard Hampton, Georgia 30228

Army Aviation Heritage Foundation houses historic Army Aviation Aircraft including: UH-1H Huey Helicopters, AH-1F Cobra Helicopters and O-1D/L-19 Birddog Light Observation Airp...... more

(310) 433-8934

Los Angeles, California

Art Dimensions in Los Angeles, specializes in Contemporary, Cleared Fine Art Rentals by established and emerging artists. Cleared Art Rentals include: Painting, Print, Photography, Sculpture and Drawings. For Film sets, corporate, or private spaces. ... more

(818) 489-6555

Arthur Trace is a renowned magician, sleight of hand artist, and magic consultant with extensive experience in film and television production. He is known for his innovative approach and ability to create visually stunning magical moments.... more

(858) 829-3247

Ashely Alker, M.D., M.Sc. is an Emergency Medicine physician and a nationally published speaker and writer, with a focus on patient education and healthcare policy. She is also a medical consultant for major network television and films.... more

(213) 378-6636

17500 S Denver Avenue Los Angeles, California 90248

Filmotechnic USA is home to the original Academy-Awarded gyro-stabilized U-Crane and Flight Head. They offer custom build solutions for tracking shots and camera movements at high speed. The U-Cran...... more

(860) 888-6086

Mark Guiod is an Aviation Technical Advisor. A professional and pilot working in multiple roles at the field, regional and headquarters level addressing all facets of airspace and the National Airspace System including Air Traffic Contro...... more

(818) 522-0969

Woodland Hills, California 91364

Mike Tristano & Co. in Los Angeles is one of the largest suppliers of prop guns for the movie and television industry. A large and diverse inventory of blank-adapted, blank...... more

(212) 337-3789

138 30th Street Brooklyn, New York 11232

MYT Works (Mighty Works) is a NYC manufacturer of camera motion equipment for professional operators and grips worldwide; offering a wide range of camera sliders, dollies.... more

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Technical Advisors and Consultants

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