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7100 Fair Avenue
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Target Props in Los Angeles specializes in Hand Prop Rentals: Replica Weapons Room with all Modern Weapons and Stunt Props, Doubles, Hi-Tech Electronics Room with rigged as well as functional Props, Modern Electronics including Tablets, Cellphones and Laptops, Military and Police Gear. Large selection of Luggage, Camera and Press Gear, Medical Set Dressing, Retractable Weapons and Syringes. Hi-Tech and Military Cases, Sports and Outdoor Props. Restaurant and Diner Props, Room Service and Housekeeping Cars and Gurneys. Strollers and Music Props. Custom Prop fabrication using 3D printers, CNC Machines, Laser Cutters and Skilled Propmakers. Expendable and In-House Graphics Department.


Fax: (818) 768-8437
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 8-6
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