SWORD & THE STONE - Burbank, California, USA

1100 W. Isabel Street
Burbank, California 91506


Sword & Stone in Burbank, CA. has established itself as the trusted source for Handcrafted, Custom Designed and Historically Accurate pieces.The shop specializes in Custom Made Arms, Edged Weapons, Armour and Props. They are a full service Blacksmith Shop. Custom Fabrication, Blacksmithing, Sales & Rentals.

Founded over 25 years ago by master blacksmith, Tony Swatton.


Product / Service: Sword & Stone At A Glance:, , , Chainmail, Knives, Swords, Edged Weapons, Aluminum Prop Swords, Crossbows, Longbows, Custom Retractable Knives, Custom Jewelry, Props, Costumes, Anvil, Bellows, Blacksmith Tools
Region: Los Angeles - West Coast
Business Hours: Appointment Only
Fax: (818) 562-6549