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Starchive is a better alternative than Dropbox for Creative Projects & Creative People. The Starchive Digital Asset Management System is a command center for today's creative powerhouses.

You can upload Videos, Photos, Audio, Editorial, Infographics, GIFs and Documents. You'll find your media quickly and be able to share it easily! Collect everything in one place to preview and relate it together, build collections, add tags and descriptions, invite others to join your Starchive or share to social media.

Never lose files again from failing drives or old devices. This professional grade Archive (Digital Asset Management System) is available for pennies of what the competition cost.

Starchive was founded by a group of designers, photographers, audio editors and musicians, because every creative has had that, "Where is that !@#$ file? I know it’s here somewhere… moment." They've lived the pain of trying to create while their ideas and assets were tied up in the chaos of media disorganization. Starchive was born out of their collaboration with the Bob Dylan Music Company and its decades-long collection of Dylan’s life and work. The Starchive team has spent years helping some of the most iconic creative brands solve their media challenges.


Product / Service: Starchive's Services Include:, , Digital Asset Management, Cloud Storage, Streaming, File Management, Media Database Services, Media Management, Professional Grade Archive Service, Build Collections, Add Tags & Descriptions, Digital Files Are Auto-Organized, Easily Searchable, Shareable & Safe
Region: New York - Northeast


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