SPECIALTY COATING & CHEMICA INC - North Hollywood, California, USA

7360 Varna Avenue
North Hollywood, California 91605


Manufacturers of Unique, High Performance and Custom Coatings, Dyes and Color for Industrial and Professional applications. Their Dyes and Colorants have been used by the Motion Picture Industry for over 70 years. Pigments for Making Translucent Paints, also Tints, Dyes and Polyurethane. Dip Dyes and Insoluble Dyes. Natural Green and "Original Green Stuff" are a Grass and Vegetation Colorant that was Developed Initially for the Motion Picture Industry to Enhance the Background Grass and other Foliage.


Region: Los Angeles - West Coast
Business Hours: Mon-Fri: 6-2:30
Fax: (818) 764 8669