SOOLIP - Los Angeles, California, USA

8687 Melrose Avenue, G-154
Los Angeles, California 90069


A Paper Boutique and Custom Gift Wrapping Service, Featuring Unusual and Decorative Papers from Around the World. Both Handmade and Machinemade Papers Ranging in Prices from $3 to $35 per sheet, can be Used for Many Purposes Including Gift Wrapping, Card Making, Lamp Shades, Collage and More. A Full Range of Writing and Desk Accoutrements: Colored Sealing Waxes, Wax Sealers and Burners; Italian Hand-Blown Glass Dipping Pens, Modern, Metal and Mini Fountain Pens, Colored and Metallic Inks in Dipping and Cartridge Forms. Handmade Greeting Cards and Fill-In Invitations including Soolip's own Letterpressed Designs. Also, Natural Flowers, Ribbons, Twines and a wide range of Blank Card Stock and Envelopes


Region: Los Angeles - West Coast
Business Hours: Mon-Sat: 10-6
Fax: (310) 360 0548