SET STUFF RENTALS - Hollywood, California, USA

1105 North Sycamore Avenue
Hollywood, California 90038


Set Stuff Rentals Inc in Hollywood an extensive inventory of Production Equipment Rental, Special EFX Rentals & Expendables. Communication Equipment; Walkies, Cell Phones, Pagers, 40 Watt Base Radios and 3 Watt Cell Phones.

Garment Racks, Wardrobe Racks and Make-up Mirrors, Wind Machines; Gas and Electric, Special Effects Machines for Wind, Rain, Snow, Smoke, Steam. Fog Machines, Generators, Sandbags, Layout Board, Expendables and Stunt Pads. Movie Paint, Dulling Spray, and Aging Supplies.
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Product / Service: Tents & Umbrellas, Table, Chairs & Video Village, Dollie & Magliners, House Garden, Kraft Services, Traffic & Safety, Truck Dressing, Wardrobe, Grip Equipment, EXPENDABLES:, Rigging Hardware, Cleaners & Adhesives, Effects Materials, Hardware, Materials, Office Supplies, Paint Supplies, Packing & Paper Products, Protective Gear, SPECIAL EFX:, Misc. Special EFX, Wind Effects, Smoke & Fog Effects, Rain & Snow Effects, Steam & Hot Water, Fire Effects, Crash Pads, Air, Turn Tables, Movie Paint, Dulling Spray, Aging Supplies
Region: Los Angeles - West Coast
Business Hours: Mon-Fri: 7-6 | Sat: 8:30-12 Noon
Fax: (323) 993-9506