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(310) 399-2828

1750 14th Street Suite B Santa Monica, California 87105

From Pre-Production to Post. Feature Films, Television, Commercials. On-Set Visual Effects Supervision. Script Analysis. Main Title Design, Motion Graphics. Comen is the Visual Effects Division of Parent Company Picture Lock Media.... more

(877) 563-8023

1510 11th Street #101 Santa Monica, California 90401

Green Screen Animals based in Santa Monica, offers one of the World's Largest Animal Library Recorded on Green Screen. With Over 10,000 hi-res clips of Exotic and Domestic Animals. Also offers Clip Licensing and Custom Shoots.... more

(310) 428-6536

Joey Lugassy, founder of Stellar Visioning, an aerial cinematography company that has been shooting aerial cinema for over 30 years. UAV Certified Pilot and AMA Member.... more

(302) 388-5504

Stacy Skinner is a Hair and Makeup Artist based in Santa Monica. Working in Movies & TV, Editorial, Advertising, Red Carpet, Lifestyle, Etc.... more

1352 Ocean Park Blvd, C Santa Monica, California 90405

Stellar Visioning Aerial Cinematography in Santa Monica provides Drone & Aerial Cinematography. Serving DPs with a full video village, Heavy Lifters & Small, Fast Drones. Stellar Visioning has been shooting aerial cinema for over 30 years. They are a fully insured (f...... more

171 Pier Avenue, Suite 355 Santa Monica, California 90405

UV/FX Scenic Productions, Los Angeles is UV (Blacklight) Scenic Specialists. Large Scale, Long Lasting Dual Image Scenery, Day to Night Scenery, Complete Invisible Scenery and 3-D Scenery. Any Size, Any Surface, from Lightweight Touring Scrims to Permanent Installations. UV Ef...... more

(310) 451-2700

1333 Montana Avenue Santa Monica, California 90403

Illustration Gallery and Children's Bookstore. Originals and Prints. Exhibitions. Special Events. Among the artists they represent are Maurice...... more

2932 Nebraska Avenue Santa Monica, California 90404

Previsualization and Technology Company Dedicated to the Art of Filmmaking, Advertising and Development. On Set Previz, Visual Effects, Motion Cont...... more

2118 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 164 Santa Monica, California 90403

2-Way, Bullhorns, Cell Phone, Helicopter Headsets, Radios, Repeaters, Walkie Talkies. Rentals... more

1631 Stanford Street Santa Monica, California 90404

Stage and Set Building Material; Prop House Material. Complete Selection of Plastics Materials and Supplies; Resins, Plexiglass, Fiberglass, Vinyl ...... more

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