ROGER GEORGE RENTALS - Van Nuys, California, USA

14525 Bessemer Street
Van Nuys, California 91411


Roger George, Los Angeles, full service Special Effects & Special Effects Equipment Rentals: Atmospheric Effects: Rain, Snow, Mist, Fog, Smoke, Lightning, Wind Machines, Ritter Fans, Cobweb Guns, Fire EFX, Protechnics, Rigging, Equipment, Expendables, Manpower & Fabrication.

They only offer special effects equipment and supplies for professional special effects technicians. Roger George SPFX has years of experience and can match your specific needs to the correct class Pyrotechnician. They also offer expendables for licensed operators and a comprehensive line of pyro, fog fluid, tape, fire retardants, fireproofing, snow, adhesives, rubber glass, SWEENEY products, Tri-Ess Science products, and WIZARD safety devices. In addition, they sell and support Pyrodigital, Look Solutions, and Holatron.

Roger George is the only supplier of MP Associates pyrotechnic products in Southern California.


Product / Service: ROGER GEORGE SPFX At A Glance:, , , 3D printing & Scanning, Blood Effects, Bullet Hit Effects, Dust & Dirt, Dust Effects, Fire Effects, Fire Prevention, Firing System, Fog & Haze, Fog Fluid, Fog Juice, Fog Machines, Food Stylist Products, Fullers Earth, Galvanometers, Hazers & Fog Machines, Holatron, Ice Effects, Laser Cutting & Engraving, Non-Pyrotechnic Bullet Hit Effects, Pyrodigital, Pyrotechnic Support, Rain Effects, Rain Heads, Rain Support, Rubber Glass, Slime & Goo, Snow & Ice, Snow Effects, Special Effects Expendables, Squib Supplies, Super Goop, Sweeney Bullet Hit Capsules, Sweeney Bullet Hit Dust Hits, Theatrical Blood
Region: Los Angeles - West Coast
Business Hours: Mon-Fri: 8-5:30 and 24 Hour Emergency Services
Fax: (818) 994 9432