RJR PROPS - Atlanta, Georgia, USA

5300 Westpark Drive SW, Suite B
Atlanta, Georgia 30336


RJR Props in Atlanta, rents Exotic Sci-Fi and Military Computers, sells & rents realistic Prop Money, Stage Money, Fake Money. Office Furnishing: Desks, Phones, Copiers, Computers, Mainframes, Military Computers, Medical & Hospital Equipment, Scientific Equipment, and POS Retail Equipment.

Airplane Mockups: Commercial Airplane interior, Luxury Jet interior, Vintage Airplane interior, Helicopter, Airplane fuselage, Aircraft Seats, Subway Train Cars - 51 feet long
All Props are Rented on an As-Is basis.

- Office: Computers (300 styles); Phones (800 styles); Faxes; Printers; Copiers
- Computer: Newer Computers; Monitors; Vintage Equipment; 7' tall Mainframes
- Computer Rooms: Mainframes; Server Racks; Comm Gear; Server Farms and Military
- Situation Rooms / War Rooms: Monitors; Servers; Racks; Communication Gear
- Medical: Exam Tables; Blood pressure and Test Equipment
- Hospital: ER Gear; OR Table; Stretchers; Beds; X-Ray; MRI and Life Support Units
- Lab Equipment: Blood Analyzers; Microscopes; Blood Chemistry; Test Tubes and Glassware
- Forensic: HPLC Analyzer; Spectrometers; Chromatography and Blood Analyzers
- Military: Communication Sets; Radios; Test Sets and Military computers
- Non-Firing Prop Gun Rental: Weapons: Pistols, Assault Rifles, Fantasy weapons, Futuristic weapons
- Sci-Fi: Control Panels; Servers; Exotic electronics; Dials; Gages; lighting
- Security Equipment: Cameras; Monitors; Biometric & Iris scanners; Crypto-locks
- A/V Gear: News Cameras; Stereos; VCR's; TV's; Mixers; Audiophile Gear and Boomboxes
- Industrial Electronics: Generators, Elevator Panels.Electrical Panels and Industrial Controllers
- Household Electronics: New and Vintage Stereos; Radios; TVs; Telephones; VCR and record players
- Vintage: Telephones; Radios; Phonographs; TVs and Projectors
- Retail Store Equipment: Cash Registers; POS Scanners; Credit Card Readers
- Restaurant: Credit Card Readers; Cash Registers
- Elevator: Elevator Control Panels; fully operational Rigged to light up.
- ATM: Newer models ATMs. Rigged to light up.
- Subway Train Interiors

RJR Props is a Subsidiary of RJR Electronics Inc, a Georgia Corporation and, they're available as Technology Consultants. 


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Region: Atlanta - Southeast
Business Hours: Mon-Thurs: 9-6 | Fri: 9-5


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