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Reel AP specializes in navigating industry challenges with a decade's expertise in movie accounting and production financial management. It was born from the need to flip the script on the sometimes tenuous relationship between accounting and everyone else on film productions.

BOOKKEEPING / ACCOUNTS PAYABLE: With a decade's expertise in movie accounting and production financial management, Reel AP specializes in navigating industry challenges, prioritizing spontaneity over rigid procedures. Their team crafts a seamless accounts payable process tuned to film production's dynamic needs, providing support during active phases and sustained assistance year-round. As financial storytellers, they offer personalized accounting services tailored to the entertainment industry, contributing to the success of every blockbuster.

PETTY CASH / P CARDS: In the realm of film production accounting for independent films, their meticulous management of petty cash emerges as a crucial element in financial precision. Seamlessly blending creative flair with fiscal responsibility, Reel AP ensures a seamless petty cash process, attuned to the dynamic needs of independent film productions. Their specialized services caters to the entertainment industry, offering personalized attention to ensure every dollar is accounted for.

PAYROLL: Navigating the intricate landscape of film production payroll, Reel AP specialized services cater to both union and non-union environments, ensuring seamless processes that align with the specific needs of your production. Their team is adept at working with trusted payroll platforms, including Wrapbook, Quickbooks, Gusto, Greenslate, Cast and Crew, or any preferred by your production company.

TAX CREDIT PREP: Offering a tailored approach, Reel Ap ensures that your production takes full advantage of available credits, optimizing your bottom line. From state film tax credits to federal incentives, their team ensures compliance while unlocking potential savings for your project.

Reel AP can work out custom solutions for you.
"Need a CPA? We got you. We work with a handful around the country.
Want someone to prep your vendor 1099’s? We have you covered!
Want to hire us to do your production companies’ bookkeeping/accounting? We can tell you what we can do for you and what advise you get a CPA to do."
- Reel AP


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