RandL - Los Angeles, California, USA

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112 W 9th Street, Ste. 915
Los Angeles, California 90015


RandL is based in the heart of the Downtown Los Angeles Garment - Fashion District. Their team of experienced industrial Seamstresses and Tailors, cuts and sews Costumes, Wardrobe and Clothing for Film and Television productions. Garments include: Kids Clothing, Sportswear, Uniforms, Hospital Gowns, Face Masks, etc. In addition to cutting and sewing, the RandL team of very talented people work with various fabrics, create versatile patterns and can find solutions for any situation; Leather, Carpet, Plastic, Upholstery, and more. Please feel free to reach out and tell RandL how they can help you with your needs. For the right price, anything is very doable!


Region: Los Angeles - West Coast


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