OUTSKIRTS ART - Los Angeles, California, USA

2323 E Olympic Boulevard, #7
Los Angeles, California 90021


Outskirts Art is a Cleared Art House in Downtown Los Angeles, housing a wide array of cleared artworks available for rental. They also have a rental inventory of Graffiti, Mural Flats and Large Art Pieces. In addition to rentals, they also offer custom work.

Outskirts Art's Break Away Flats are 8 ft tall x 12 ft wide and break apart into three 8 ft tall x 4 ft wide individual pieces. The flats bolt together for easy on-location, single-person assembly and stitch back together seamlessly.


Product / Service: Outskirts Art's Cleared Art:, , , Abstract & Contemporary, Period Specific, Collage, Erotic, Flora & Fauna, Graffiti - Street Art & Political, Kid Friendly, Macabre, New Media, Photography, Portraits, Sketches & Drawings, Surreal, Sci-Fi & Psychedelic
Region: Los Angeles - West Coast
Business Hours: Tue-Fri:10-2 (PST) Saturday 11-3 (PST) By Appointment Only
Instagram: https://instagram.com/outskirts_art
LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/outskirts-art
Facebook: https://facebook.com/OutskirtsArtLA


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