One Field Media founder and president, Shannon Lloyd specializes in integrated online services for Transformational Entrepreneurs, offering  Live Events, Video, Editing, Online Events and Education, Digital Platforms.

The media company supports their clients with creating digital platforms to create pipelines, SEO strategies and marketing options, both directly and through their own affiliates and consultants, allowing them to be a One Stop Shop for online content delivery.

Services include live event production, video coverage for events and marketing campaigns, editing and post-production, setup and support for live and online conferencing workshops, online course creation,  podcasts, audiobooks, websites and graphics. A new shared workspace and Green Screen, Audio & Video Shooting Studio.

Services offered by One Field Media:

  • Live Event Production
  • Video Production & distribution
  • Live Streaming Interactive Workshops
  • Online Course Creation
  • Audiobooks & Podcasts
  • Marketing, sales and social media platform integration
  • Project Management & Coaching Support
  • Zoom & IRL Event and Recording Space All Inclusive


Region: Los Angeles - West Coast


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