OKLAHOMA FILM & MUSIC OFFICE - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

P.O. Box 52002
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73152


The Oklahoma Film & Music Office was created in 1979 and offers the following services free of charge: - Preliminary research, scouting, and evaluation of locations - Use of location library and production resource information files - Photographs shot to match individual specifications - Detailed information on state and local film regulations - Accompanying filmmakers to locations - Arrangement of clearances - Liaison service for your production by offering assistance with federal, state, and local officials, institutions, businesses, and individuals - Liaison with the hotel/motel/restaurant industries - Liaison with local meteorologists to obtain up-to-date weather information - Access to media representatives - Support and assistance throughout production


Region: Chicago - Midwest
Business Hours: Mon-Fri: 8-5
Phone 2: (800) 766-FILM