NEW YORK VINTAGE - New York City, New York, USA

117 West 25th Street
New York City, New York 10001


New York Vintage (NYV) Costume and Wardrobe Rental House in New York City, specializing in High-End Women's Period Clothing Spanning the last 150 years. Clothing, Jewelry, Accessories, Hats and Shoes  from 1850's through 2000's. Quite possibly, the finest Vintage Couture and Designer Fashion Collection in the World.

Design and Media Resource for Stylists, Editors, Fashion, Textile and Costume Designers, Art Directors, Photographers, Theatre, Television and Filmmakers. The 5.000 Sq. Ft Rental Only Archive House Private Collection available By Appointment.

New York Vintage, in partnership with VALENTINO, is now accepting Vintage Valentino.

Visit The New York Vintage Archive By Appointment or through their new Digital Showroom. Available Exclusively for Fashion, Style, and Design Professionals. Click below on "Website2"


Region: New York - Northeast
Business Hours: By Appointment
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