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1026 Griswold Avenue
San Fernando, California 91340


Nettmann Systems has been serving the Hollywood Film Industry for over four decades.  Their camera systems are also extensively used on defense and aerospace industry tests, and mission critical experiments for NASA and other governmental agencies.

Known as the “Rolls-Royce” of stabilized cinematography systems, Nettmann provides high performing stabilization platforms for fast action-oriented land and aerial cinematography.   Helicopters, lear jets, pursuit vehicles, boats, cable-rigs.

Nettmann Systems International was founded by Bob Nettmann in the 1980s.

Continental Helicopter Camera Mounts
Astrovision® – Award Winning Learjet based periscope cinematography system
Nose Cone – Camera systems for Learjets
Pitching Lens System – Swinging lens optical camera system
Body Cam – A patented stabilization system for handheld cameras
Kenworthy Type B Snorkel – A periscopic lens relay
Gyro Stabilization Platforms – For NASA’s Apollo 14 recovery mission
Special Format Projectors – For the Walt Disney EPCOT Center in Florida and Disneyland in Tokyo


Region: Los Angeles - West Coast


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