NCA ENTERTAINMENT INC. - Chula Vista, California, USA

884 B Ada Street
Chula Vista, California 91911


NCA ENtertainment delivers portable Amusement Rides to Special Events, Film Shoots, Television productions, Themed Events, and the "State Fair" effect.

NCA is head-quartered in Chula Vista, and now reaches neighbors in all directions as far away as Yuma Arizona, Palm Springs-Indio, Los Angeles, Orange County and Santa Barbara.

• Round Up
foot print- 35 x 45, size restrictions 42" minimum - 240lb max.
• Sizzler
foot print- 60' circle, size restrictions  48" minimum solo, 42" with guardian- 350lb max in car.
• Swings
foot print- 60' circle, size restrictions  42" minimum - 220lb max
• Bumper Car
foot print- 30 x 50', size restrictions  52" solo driver, 42" passenger with guardian driver - 350lb max in car.
• Flying Elephant
foot print- 35' circle, size restrictions 36" minimum - 120lb maximum.  3 tickets
• Dragon Adventure
foot print- 25' x 30', size restrictions 36" minimum- 120lb maximum.
• Frog Hopper
foot print-10' x 20', size restrictions 36" minimum- 750lb on bench.
• Russian Castle
foot print- 30' x 45 size restrictions 36" minimum- 120 lb max.
• Fun Slide
foot print- 10' x 90' size restrictions 36" minimum- 250 lb max.
All season slide for all ages; can be used wet for a summer water slide, or with a snow blower in winter as a snow hill.


Product / Service: Amusement Rides, Round Up, Sizzler, Bumper Car, Flying Elephant, Dragon Adventure, Russian Castle, Frog Hopper, Fun Slide
Region: Los Angeles - West Coast



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