MUTUAL HARDWARE - Long Island City, New York, USA

36-27 Vernon Boulevard
Long Island City, New York 11106


Mutual Hardware is a One Stop Shop for Theater, Grip and Rigging Hardware Supplies. Serving the entertainment industry since 1935.


Product / Service: Rigging Hardware, Speed-Rail Fittings 1", Grip Equipment & On Location, Theatrical & Set Hardware, Adhesives & Tapes, Hanging Hardware, SpecifineÔøΩ 1100 Track, Speed-RailÔøΩ Fittings 3/4", Scenic Fabrics & Material, Casters - 180 Series, Turtles, Stem, Casters - 4730 Series Low Profile, Casters - 4760 Series Medium Duty, Wagon Brakes, Rosco Off Broadway Paint, Rosco Tough Prime, Video & Digital Compositing Paint, Scenic Coatings & Glazes, Flameproofing, Painting Supplies, Speed-RailÔøΩ Fittings 1-1/4", Speed-RailÔøΩ Fittings 1-1/2", Speed-RailÔøΩ Fittings 2", Rope, Trickline, Lashline and Sash Cord, Scenic Paint - Flo Paint, Rig-I-FlexÔøΩ 1400 Curtain Track, BesteelÔøΩ 170 Series Stage Track, Silent SteelÔøΩ 2800 Track, Fall Safety & Repelling Equipment, Industrial Hampers, Modern Studio Equipment, Tents & Accessories, Floor Protection, Moving Equipment & Supplies, Nails - Screws & Fasteners, Routing Bits
Region: New York - Northeast
Phone 2: (866) 361-2480
Fax: (718) 786-9591


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