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7990 San Fernando Road Sun Valley, California 91352

The Alpha Companies supply Medical Props and Medical Set Dressing Rentals Medical for Motion Picture & Television production. They specialize in Hospital and Laboratory, Cleared Art, School, Classroom, and Office Furnishings.... more

7990 San Fernando Road Sun Valley, California 91352

Alpha Medical Resources in Los Angeles is a supplier of Medical Props and Medical Set Dressing Rentals: Medical, Hospital, Laboratory, School, Office Furnishing & Cleared Art.... more

43-24 37th Street Long Island City, New York 11101

Alpha Props Medical Resources' prop house in New York rents Medical Props and Medical Set Dressing: Medical, Hospital, Laboratory, Classroom, Office Furnishings & Cleared Art.... more

(858) 829-3247

Ashely Alker, M.D., M.Sc. is an Emergency Medicine physician and a nationally published speaker and writer, with a focus on patient education and healthcare policy. She is also a medical consultant for major network television and films.... more

(978) 851-7321

365 East Street Tewksbury, Massachusetts 1876

The Public Health Museum in the Boston area offers a large Collection of Art, WPA Murals, Furniture, Records, Equipment, 1800-1960 Medical Equipment, Books and Ledgers for Rent ...... more

(925) 788-7819

Shiv Sudhakar is a Screenwriter, Medical Consultant, Health Writer, Journalist, and Physician. He has provided medical consultation for television shows, such as Grey's Anatomy and The Resident.... more

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Medical Consultants

Medical consultants offer technical assistance and expertise to assure accuracy in television and film productions of Medical and Forensic scenes, including the correct use of medical equipment, hospital and lab set dressing, and medical props.