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Manhattan Wardrobe Supply is a One-Stop Shop for Professional Hair, Makeup and Wardrobe Supplies. Wardrobe, Costume, Theatre Supplies: Laundry and Distressing Supplies, Sewing and Craft Supplies, Makeup, Collapsible Wardrobe Rolling Racks and ZRacks. Wigs & Hair Care products. All Weather Gear, Shoe and Boot Dryers. Hangers to Hand warmers, Since 1998.

Shopping Bags: Tan Kraft Shopping Bag with Handle, Large White Plastic Shopping Bags with Plastic


Product / Service: Adhesive Removers, Adhesives, Aglets, Airbrush, Alcohol Inks, All Weather Gear, Angelus Kits, Angelus Leather Paint, Baby Powder & Talc, Bald Cap, Batteries, Batting, Beards, Beauty Makeup, Blood-Mouth, Blood-Pastes & Jams, Blow Dryers, Blue Heaven Hosiery, Bluing & Tarnishing, Body Coolers, Body Warmers, Bondex Patches, Boot Accessories, Boot Laces, Bottles, Bra Converters, Bra Notions, Bra Straps, Bras, Braza, Brush Cleaners, Brush Sets, Brushes, Brushes & Applicators, Brushes & Cleaners, Bumble And Bumble, Bust Lifters, Bust Pads, Button Notions, Caldrea Products, Candles, Care & Cleaning, Cases, Chairs, Character Kits, Cheeks, Cheesecloth & Rags, Cleansers, Skin Tapes, Collar Stays, Collar Extenders, Combs, Commando, Compartment Boxes, Conditioner, Containers, Cosabella, Cosmetic Bags, Cosplay Supplies, Cotton Pads, Cotton Swabs, Craft Storage, Craft Tape, Crafts, Crayons, Curling & Flat Irons, Cushioning, Dancer Cushioning, Delicate Wash, Designer Laces, Dirt & Grime, Disinfectants & Cleaners, Disposable Aprons, Disposable Brushes, Disposable Shields, Distressing, Distressing Books, Distressing Kits, Dress Laces-Flat, Dress Laces-Round, Dress Laces-Waxed, Dry Shampoo, Dye Chemicals, Dye Prep & Finish, Dyeing Books, Dyeing Tools, Dylon Fabric Dye, Easy Peds, Eco Detergents, Edge & Sole Treatments, Effects, Elastic, Elastic Laces, End Wraps, Esquire Instant Color, Essentials, Extenders, Eyebrows, Eyeglass Care, Eyelash Adhesive & Remover, Eyelash Curlers, Eyelashes, Fabric Dyes, Fabric Marking Pens, Fabric Paint, Fabric Restoration, Fabric Shoe Dye Tools, Facial Hair, Fashion Forms, Fat Laces, Fillers, Findings, Flashlights, Fleet Street Blood, Footwear, Garment Bags, Garters, Glitter, Gloves, Grosgrain Ribbon, Hair Accessories, Hair Bumps, Hair Care, Hair Color Tools, Hair Fibers, Hair Oil, Hair Styling, Hair Tape, Hair Tools, Hairspray, Handkerchiefs, Hanger Accessories, Hat Pins & Horsehair, Hat Protectors, Heel, Heel Protectors, High Heel, Holders & Mats, Hooks & Eyes, Horsehair Braid, Hosiery, Human Hair, Injury, Insoles, Instant Shoe Shine, Ironing Boards, Irons, Jars, Jewelry Supplies, K.D. 151 Blood, Kilt Pins, Knee Pads, Knit Repair, Labels & Tags, Laces, Laundry Detergents, Leather Cleaners, Leather Dye, Leather Laces, Leather Spray Paint, Leather Tools, Liquid Earth, Liquid Shoe Polish, Low Back, Machine Needles, Magnets, Makeup, Makeup Kits, Makeup Removers, Masks, Measuring & Marking, Men's Grooming Tools, Mending, Menswear, Metallic Wax Finish, Millinery Supplies, Mirrors, Moustaches, Mouth And Eye Blood, Movie Paint, Muslin & Interfacing, MWS Blood, Needles, Orthotic, Packing Materials, Padded Hangers, Paint Storage Containers, Paint/Markers/Glitter, Pens & Markers, Perma Blood, Perma Grime, Pins & Clips, Polish, Polish Remover, Powder Puffs, Powders, Powders & Crayons, Prep & Sealers, Protective Supplies, Rack Accessories, Rain Gear & Umbrellas, Razors & Blades, Reel Creations Blood, Repellants, Rit Fabric Dye, Rolling Racks, Safety Pins, Sanitizers, Satin Dye, Scents, Scissors, Seam Binding, Seam Rippers & Awls, Set Aprons, Set Aprons & Tool Belts, Set Bags, Set Bags & Cases, Set Chairs, Sew In & Pin In Shields, Sewing Books, Sewing Cases, Sewing Kits, Sewing Machine Notions, Sewing Storage, Sewing Threads, Shampoo, Shavers, Shears, Shears & Clippers, Shibue Couture, Shields, Shipping Tags, Shoe & Boot Dryers, Shoe Polish, Shoe Rubber, Shoe Shine Kit, Shoe Stretching, Shoe Trees & Storage, Shoulder Pads, Sideburns, Silicone, Sizing & Stiffeners, Skin Care, Slips, Slips & Tanks, Snaps, Sneaker Care, Sneaker Shaper, Snips & Clippers, Socks, Sole Protectors, Solutions, Sound Foot Foam, Spatulas, Special Effects, Sport Laces, Stage & Film Blood, Stain Removers, Steamers, Stiffeners, Storage, Straight Pins, Streaks & Tips, Stylist Supplies, Suede Cleaners, Suede Dye, Suede Elbow Patches, Sunscreen, Synthetic Hair, T-Pins, Tagging Guns, Tanks, Tape & Glue, Tarrago Color Dye Paint, Tattoo Art, Tee Shirts, Telescoping Cases, Temporary Color, Theatrical Makeup, Thermal Underwear, Tissues & Towels, Toners, Tongue Pads, Tooth Fx, Topstick, Toupee Clips, Towels, Tracing Paper And Tools, Traveler Shoe Plates, Treatments & Masks, Tweezers, Ultra Materials, Undergarments, Velcro Brand, Water Repellents, Wig Blocking Pins, Wig Blocks, Wig Caps & Hair Nets, Wig Care, Wig Holders & Stands, Wig Lace, Wig Making Supplies, Wig Supplies, Wigs, Wire Hangers, Wooden Hangers, Zippers, Z Racks, Zipper Repair
Region: New York - Northeast
Business Hours: Mon-Fri: 9-7 | Sat: 10-6
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