Malt House Studio, East Tucker Street, Finzels Reach
, Bristol BS1 6LQ


Lux Aeterna is a world-class VFX studio fluent in the language of storytelling. Based in Bristol, a company of experts collaborating with the best filmmakers to transcend the threshold of the imagination throughout the film and television world.

Lux Aeterna has protocols and structures within the company to manage large-scale productions.

A dedicated production crew, experienced VFX supervisors, and specialist artists work within a rigorous shot management framework.

The studio also manages and secures asset management, shot tracking, scheduling, and client review using the latest AI-backed security.

Lux Aeterna has a bespoke shot management and review pipeline and has asset-managed pipelines for Houdini, Maya, and Nuke. With innovation at the core of everything they do, the only constant is change.

-  BAFTA and EMMY Award-Winning Studio Specializing in VFX


Product / Service: Pre-Visualisations, 3D animation, Modelling, Rigging, Creature, Look development, Lighting & Render, CG Environments, Abstract Phenomena, FX Simulations, Simulated Phenomena, Smoke, Fire & Water FX, Crowd Simulations, Digital Set Extensions, 3D & DMP, Virtual Production Expertise, Motion Graphics, Show Titles, Typography, Maps, Bespoke Elements
Region: International



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