LOGISTIC AIR - Tucson, Arizona, USA

2585 N. Jackrabbit Avenue
Tucson, Arizona 85745


Located in Tucson, Arizona, Logistic Air offers Aviation & Aircraft Related Parts, Props & Set Dressing Rentals: Complete Aircraft, Aircraft Cockpits, Avionics, Aviation Electronic Equipment, Complete Cabins, Galleys, Bathrooms, Seats, Overhead Bins and Engines.

Past projects for film & tv productions have included providing and the setup of a complete Aircraft Cabin & Cockpit Interior, Airplane Interior and Airplane Exterior. Logistic Air also provides individual Aviation Parts for Sale & Rental. They are Studio-Friendly and available to assist with Aviation Related Production Requirements.

Phone:  (520) 624-2323  EXT 100

They're a Charter Airline with a fleet of retired Narrow-Body, Wide-Body Passenger, Cargo Airplanes and Warehoused Aircraft Parts; all available to Feature Films, Commercials, Documentaries and Television productions. You can rent a complete Aircraft or a specific Aircraft part; or, you can purchase an Airplane fuselage or Airplane part from their extensive inventory & aircraft fleet.
Logistic Air has real-world Airline operational experience and personnel available to provide expertise as consultants or aviation technical advisors to ensure real world authenticity of Airline & Airport operations, Aircraft Maintenance, Cabin, Pilot and Ground Operation activities.


Region: Albuquerque - Southwest
Business Hours: Mon-Fri: 8-5
Fax: (520) 203-0290