LCW PROPS - Glendale, California, USA

6439 San Fernando Road
Glendale, California 91201


LCW Props is the place to go for Salvage and Surplus of anything and everything in Los Angeles: Electronic, Industrial, Demolition Debris, Props, Signs, Computers, Military, Satellite Dishes, etc. Delivery & Pick Up Available. Sales & Rentals

LCW PROPS has acquired all of Louis Equipment Company's Nautical, Marine, Boat Props and Industrial Equipment inventory. Computer Screen Graphics. Graphics Catalog can be downloaded from the  "Portfolio" link.


Keywords: LCW PROPS, Aero Space, Alarms, Alley Dressing, Analyzers & Scopes, ATM Machines, Audio Equipment, Automotive, Bank Dressing, Bank Equipment, Banners, Barricades, Bathroom Partitions, Bells & Sirens, Benches, Biometric Scanners, Bomb Props, Book Carts, Book Cases, Books, Bottles, Buckets, Buttons & Switches, Cages, Credit Card Sliders, Cargo Nets, CB Radios, Cell Phones, Clean Trash, Clocks & Counters, Computers, Cones, Construction Signs, Copiers - Printers - Faxes, Crates, Data, Racks, Desiccator Cabinets, Desks, Lab Equipment, Domes, DVD Players, Elevator Panels, Emergency Equipment, Flag Poles, Flashlights, Flat Screens, Food - Fake, Forklifts, Gauges, Generators, Gym Equipment, Handicap Rails, Headsets & Headphones, Hoses, Hospital Signs, I.D. Cameras, Lab Dressing, Lab Glassware, Laboratory Signs, Ladders, Laptops, Lasers, Light Boxes, Lighting Panels, Lockers, Lottery Ticket Machines, Mailboxes, Marquee Boards, Medical, Megaphones & Horns, Metal Detectors, Meters, Microphones, Microscopes, Microwave, Military, Mixing & Editing Boards, Money & Coins, Money Counters, Monitors, Office Cubicles, Office Dressing, Paperwork, Parking Meter Props, Parking Ticket Machines, Pay Phones, Petri Dishes, Phone Booth, Phones Boxes, Phones, Prison Dressing, Radiators, Radios, Recycled Cans, Recycled Bottles, Recycled Copper Wire, Remote Tracking Devices, Restaurant & Bar, Road Reflectors, Safes, Satellite Dishes, Scales, School Desks & Dressing, Sci-Fi Dressing, Scoreboards, Scrolling Message Boards, Security Cameras, Security Keypads, Security Scanners, Security Signs, Server Racks, Sinks & Tubs, Solar Panels, Stanchions, Statues, Strobe Lights, Surveillance Equipment, Tanks, Tape Recorders, Telephones, Televisions, Thermostats, Tools, Touch Screens, Traffic Signs, Trash, Clean Trash, Vending Machines, Vents & Grates, Video Cameras, Video Equipment, Video Games, Video Game Chairs, Videos & DVDs, Voting Booths, Walk Through Detectors, Walkie Talkies, White Boards, Work Stations, X-Ray Light Boxes, X-Rays
Region: Los Angeles - West
Business Hours: Mon-Fri: 8-5
Fax: (818) 243-1830