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7990 San Fernando Road Sun Valley, California 91352

The Alpha Companies supply Medical Props and Medical Set Dressing Rentals Medical for Motion Picture & Television production. They specialize in Hospital and Laboratory, Cleared Art, School, Classroom, and Office Furnishings.... more

11846 Sherman Way North Hollywood, California 91605

E.C. Prop Rentals Prop House in the Los Angeles area offers Prop Rentals for Industrial Props and Set Dressing: Lighting, Locker Room, Warehouse and Industrial Street Dressing.... more

(404) 349-7600

5300 Westpark Drive SW, Suite B Atlanta, Georgia 30336

RJR Props,Atlanta, over 10,000 items: Exotic, Sci-Fi and Military Computers, Prop Movie Money, Office Furnishing, Medical & Hospital Equipment, Aircraft Mockups. Elevator Hardware and Subway C...... more

100 Universal City Plaza (Bldg 8166-1) Universal City, California 91608

NBC Universal Property Department, Los Angeles: Prop House & Set Dressing Rentals for Antique & Period Furnishings and Accessories. Contemporary Furniture & Hand Props, Household Items, Artwork, Carpet, Drapery and Window Treatments, Upholstery and Lighting.... more

4000 Warner Boulevard, Building 30 Burbank, California 91522

Warner Bros Property Department, in Burbank, is a Full Service Prop House, over 200,000 sq ft. with a large selection of Furniture, Rugs, Drapes, Artwork, and Hand Props from Antique to Contemporary.... more

(818) 982-9178

7101 Case Avenue North Hollywood, California 91605

Alley Cats, a full service Prop Rentals House for Alley Dressing, Playground, Park and Outdoor Equipment, Marine Equipment, Cargo Nets, Newsstands.... more

495 Walton Avenue Bronx, New York 10451

State Supply Equipment and Props in New York, supplies props, set dressing and expendables, Period and contemporary interior & exterior set dr...... more

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Jail and Prison Furnishings and Set Dressing

Jail and prison furnishings commonly used as set dressing: - Cells and Bunk Beds: The primary component of a jail or prison set is the cells themselves. These typically consist of small, confined spaces with bars or solid doors. Inside each cell, bunk beds are commonly found, reflecting the cramped living conditions of inmates. - Metal Furniture: Prisons often feature sturdy and utilitarian metal furniture. This includes metal tables, chairs, and stools, all designed to withstand heavy use and minimize the risk of damage or tampering. - Security Features: Authenticity is crucial when depicting correctional facilities. Set designers incorporate security features such as surveillance cameras, intercom systems, control panels, and metal detectors to enhance the realism of the environment. - Dining Areas: Common areas for dining are usually depicted with long, sturdy tables and benches, often made of metal or heavy-duty materials. These spaces may also include trays, food utensils, and cups to complete the dining scene. - Restrooms and Shower Facilities: Sets of jail and prison facilities commonly include communal restroom and shower areas. These spaces feature durable fixtures, such as stainless steel toilets, sinks, showers, and mirrors. - Security Peripherals: Additional security peripherals may be present, such as metal detectors, handheld wands, handcuffs, restraints, and walkie-talkies. These items are crucial for creating scenes involving security checks, inmate transfers, or interactions between guards and prisoners.