HISTORY FOR HIRE, Inc. - North Hollywood, California, USA

7149 Fair Avenue
North Hollywood, California 91605


History For Hire Prop House in North Hollywood, specializes in Vintage and Period Prop Rentals, Custom Fabrication, Graphics, Motion Picture Equipment and Musical Instruments Rentals. They have a large inventory of Period Hand Props, Set Dressing, Military Props & Camera Props. Faux, Real Props and Set Dressing.

History for Hire has an huge selection of Period Bicycles, Scooters and Peddle Cars. Toys and Barbie Dolls. Native American Goods. Bronze Age to Modern Tools; Carpentry, Construction, Farming, Industrial, Plows and Carts. Vintage Periodicals and Newspapers. Collection of Baseball Equipment from the 1800s to Present: Vintage and Reproduction Gloves, Catcher's and Umpire's Equipment, Bases, Balls, Bats, Dugout Dressing, Equipment Bags and Vendors Items. Golf, Tennis, Bowling, Fishing, Boxing, Skiing and other assorted Sports Gear. Contemporary Props too!

Printed Props include: Period Advertising and Vintage Products for Film, Television, Videos, Theater and Trade Shows, Tickets, Programs, Posters and Specialty Sports Equipment.

Plus, an extensive General Library with special emphasis on Film, TV, Radio and Recording Businesses, Military and Sports.

The Graphics Department and Prop Shop can recreate

Props from History for Hire have been shipped all over the world. The prop house is located in the "Prop House Zone" for the Los Angeles area.

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Product / Service: History for Hire, Period Prop Rentals, Historical Props, Airport Insurance Machine, Ambulance Gurneys, Amputation Kits, Anchors, Anvils, Aprons, Archeological Equipment, Arrows, Art Supplies, Ashtrays, Asian Items, ATA Cases, Automotive Equipment, Baby Buggies, Baby Dummies, Baby Equipment, Band Instruments, Bandoliers, Banjos, Bank Bags, Bank Tables, Bar Items, Barbeques, Barber Shop Items, Baseball Equipment, Bases, Baskets, Bayonets, Beatles Instruments, Beauty Parlor Items, Beer Bottles & Cans, Bell Lyre, Bells, Benches, Bibles, Bicycles, Binnacle, Binoculars, Blacksmith Items, Blankets, Blotters, Body Parts, Bolts Of Fabric, Bones, Bookends, Books, Bottles, Bowling Items, Bows, Boxing Items, Brassards, Briefcases, Broadcast Equipment, Brooms, Buckets, Buggy Whips, Bundles, Bunks: Wooden & Metal, Bus Benches, Bushel Baskets, Butcher Shop Items, Butter Churns, Cadavers, Cafeteria Trays, Cake Toppers, Camera Store Dressing, Cameras, Camping Goods, Candelabrum, Candleholders, Candy Jars, Canes, Cannons, Canteens, Cards, Cargo Nets, Carpet Bags, Carts, Cash Registers, Casts, Cello, Chain Gang Tools, Checkers, Chess Sets, Chestnut Cart, Chicken Crate, Chimes, China, Church Dressing, Cigarette Cases, Cigarette Girl Trays, Cigarette Holders, Circus Items, Civil Defense Items, Clarinets, Clipboards, Clocks, Coat Racks, Cobbler's Benches, Coca-Cola Items, Coffee Pots, Coffee Shop, Coffins, Coins, Color Wheels, Compasses, Cookbooks, Cooking Pots Pans & Skillets, Cosmetics, Cowboy Gun Belts & Holsters, Cradles, Crates, Crutches, Crystal Balls, Currency - Faux & Prop, Cuspidors, Darkroom Equipment, Department Store, Desk Sets, Doctor Items, Dog Tags, Doilies, Dolls, Double Basses, Dr Pepper Items, Drafting Equipment, Drills, Drums, Dulcimer, Dynamite, Editing Equipment, Egg Baskets, Egyptian Items, Eiffel Towers, Electric Chair - Prop, Electric Pianos, Elvis' Band Instruments, EMT Items, Expendables, Eyeglasses, Fall Dummies, Fans, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Fighter's Equipment, Fire Hoses, First Aid Items, Fishing Items, Flags, Flashlights, Flasks, Flatware, Flintlocks, Flutes, Follow Spots, Footballs Items, Fossils, Games, Gas Cans, Glassware, Gloves, Goggles, Gold Bars Coins & Nuggets, Golf Items, Gongs, Gooseneck Desk Lights, Graphics, Grocery Store Items, Guitars, Gurneys, Hair Dryers, Hammers, Harmonicas, Hatboxes, Heaters, Helmets, Hippie Beads, Hot Air Balloon Gondola, Hotel Items, Hourglasses, Household Items, Ice Chests, In/Out Baskets, Indian Clubs, Inkwells, Intercoms, Inuit Items, Iron Kettles, Ironing Boards, IV Stands & Bottles, Jack Hammer, Jackie Kennedy, Japanese Items, Jars, Kewpie Dolls, Keyboards, Kitchen Items, Knives, Lanterns, Lap Robes, Lariats, Letter Openers, Life PreserversLife Vests, Lighters, Lincoln Bust, Line Marking Carts, Liquor Bottles, Lobster Traps, Luggage Carts, Luggage Racks, Luggage, Lunch Boxes, Lunch Pails, Machetes, Magnifying Glasses, Maids' Carts, Mailboxes, Makeup Tables, Makeup, Mandolins, Marbles, Marching Band Instruments, Mardi Gras Heads, Medals, Media, Medical Items, Megaphones, Metronomes, Mic Booms, Microphones, Military Equipment, Milk Bottles & Cartons, Milkshake Machines, Minicams, Mining Equipment, Mirror Balls, Model Houses, Models, Money, Moneybags, Mop Buckets, Mops, Motion Picture Making Equipment, MP Equipment, Music Stands, Musical Instruments, Muskets, Napkins, Native American Items, Nautical, ND Paperwork, News Boy Props, Newsreel Cameras, Nostradamus Items, Oars, Office Supplies, Old West, Olympic Items, Organ Grinder's Barrel Organ, Oxygen Tanks, PA Speakers, Packs, Painter's Supplies, Cans, Pallets, Paperweights, Parasols, Parking Meter Props, Peace Flags, Percussion Instruments, Pet Rocks, Pewter Plates Bowls & Cups, Phone Booths, Phonographs, Photo Enlargers, Pianos, Picnic Baskets, Pill Bottles, Pillories, Pipes, Pitchers, Pitchforks, Pitching Machines, Pith Helmets, Placemats, Podiums, Poker Chips, Police Equipment, Polynesian, Pom Poms, Pom PonsPortfolios, Postal Items, Postcard Rack, Pottery Shards, Powder Horns, Prayer Books, Presents, Presidential Seals, Projectors - 8mm - 16mm & 35mm, Prosthetic Limbs, Psychedelic Items, Pullman Items, Pumps, Puzzles, Quilts, Quirts, Radio Flyers, Radio Station Equipment, Radios, Record Players, Religious Items, Religious Statues, Renaissance Instruments, Restaurant Equipment, Rickshaws, Riding Crops, Rings, Rock & Roll Instruments, Rock Collections, Rolling Blackboards, Roman Equipment, Roof Racks, Rope, Saddle Bags, Saddles, Safes, Sand Bags, Santa Throne, Saws, Saxophones, Scales, School Items, Scooters, Scripts, Sculptor's Tools, Seashells, Sedan Chair, Slide Rules, Slingback Chairs, Snow Globes, Socrates Statue, Soda Machines, Soda Pop Bottles, Sousaphones, Souvenirs, Spears, Spirit Horns, Sport Equipment, Spotlights, Stamps Machines, Stand-Up Bass, Steamer Trunks, Steel Drums, Stereos, Stethoscopes, Stokes Litters, Stools, Street Dressing, Stretchers, Stuffed Animals, Sunglasses, Sweat Boxes, Swords, Tablas, Table Cloths, Tape Recorders, Tarot Cards, Tattoo Items, Taxi Items, Teddy Bears, Telegraphs, Telephones, Telescopes, Teletypes, Television Sets, Television Studio Equipment, Toys, Transits, Trashcans, Travel Items, Treasure Chests, Tricycles, Trombones, Trophies, Trunks, Tubas, TV Trays, Typewriters, Ukuleles, Umbrellas, Unicycle, Vampire Stakes, Vending Machines, Vendor Carts, Ventriloquist Dummies, Video Cameras, Viking Items, Violins, Voting Booths, Votive Candles, Vox Amplifiers, Wagon Wheels, Wagons, Wall Speakers, Wardrobe Racks, Watch Chains, Fobs, Watches, Water Coolers, Water Fountains, Wedding Cake Toppers, Wedding Rings, Wedge Monitors, Welding Rigs, Wheelchairs, Witches' Brooms, Wooden Plates Bowls & Cups, World's Fair Items, Zithers
Region: Los Angeles - West Coast
Business Hours: Mon-Fri: 8-6 Returns: 8-5
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/historyforhireprophouse
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/History-For-Hire-180760663876
Special Attributes: SDSA Member
Fax: (818) 765-7871



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