HAND PROP ROOM GRAPHICS - Los Angeles, California, USA

5674 Venice Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90019


The HPR Graphics Department is located across the street from the main Los Angeles Prop House. HPR Graphics has hundreds of stock items and, can design anything for your specific needs. They are thorough in their approach to research and design.

The designers and project managers in the graphics department have diverse backgrounds; they have studied art, graphic design, film production, production design, journalism and screenwriting. They have real world experience working on newspapers and magazines, designing posters and album art, creating product packaging, stationary and logos. That varied experience helps them to add the real-world details to all of the work they produce. Member of IATSE - Local 44


Product / Service: art, graphic design, film production, production design, newspapers, magazines, designing posters, album art, product packaging, stationary, logos
Region: Los Angeles - West Coast
Business Hours: Mon-Fri: 7-7
Instagram: https://instagram.com/hprcan
Special Attributes: Union
Website 2: https://www.hprcustom.com/


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