GENERAL PLATING COMPANY - Los Angeles, California, USA

1313 Mirasol Street
Los Angeles, California 90023


General Plating in Los Angeles can plate anything. Many Finishes, including: Brass, Nickel, Silver, Tin, Bronze and Copper. Casting and Polishing.

Specializes in Jewelry, Builders Hardware, Lighting Fixtures, Musical Instruments, Automotive Trim Hardware, Bicycles and Motorcycles, Aviation Parts, Architectural Hardware and Marine Hardware, as well as Restoration of Almost any Metal Large and Small.

- Studio Friendly.


Product / Service: Metal Plating, Chrome Plating, Gold Plating, Brass Plating, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Nickel Plating, Stainless Steel Plating, Silver Plating, Tin Plating, Copper Plating, Industrial Scale, Deburring, Barrel Plating, Tumbling, Deburring, Electropolishing, Electroplating, Passivation, Pickling, Polishing
Region: Los Angeles - West Coast
Business Hours: Mon-Fri: 7-4:30 | Sat: 7-12 noon