FORSBERG RANCH & COMPANY - Fillmore, California, USA

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Fillmore, California 93015


ANIMAL RENTALS: Forsberg Ranch & Company has served the Motion Pictures industry for over 20 years. Their extensive experience includes the positions of Livestock Supplier, Coordinator, Stunt Performer, Head Wrangler, and Producer. They also offer Prop Rentals, Wagons & Carriages. Location Rentals.

The animal actors at Forsberg Ranch are top quality and humanely-trained, providing clients with the best, most dependable and safe performances. They hold themselves to exceptionally high standards and strive to provide the best service available in the industry. Other services include: casting and sourcing of animals, production consulting, training and on location experience.


Product / Service: Forsberg Ranch owners, Tonia & Todd Forsberg are Member of Local 399 & Local 492. Movie horses. Movie Animals. Horses for hire. Livestock handler. Animal Handler. Animal coordinator. Animal trainer. Horse tack. Wagons.
Region: Los Angeles - West Coast
Special Attributes: Union


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