FLIX FX - North Hollywood, California, USA

7327 Lankershim Boulevard, Suite 4
North Hollywood, California 91605


Flix FX, North Hollywood services include Atmospheric Special Effects, Rain, Snow and Wind; Mechanical Special Effects; Animatronics, Puppets, Prop Fabrication, Vacuum Forming, Vacuum Form Panels, Pneumatic, Welding, Machining, Radio Controlled, Automotive, Interactive Construction, Robots, Robotics

Flix Fx also provides: Mold Making, Rubber Casting, Sculpting, Models, Miniatures, Vacuum Forming and Vinyl Graphics. Turntable Rentals: 8', 6', 4', 3', 2' and small product Turntables. Marc will take the time to find the best solution for your project. Sales & Rentals


Keywords: FLIX FX RENTAL EQUIPMENT, Acrylic Tank, Air And Inert Gas Manifolds, Air & Inert Gas Regulators, Air & Ln2 Hoses, Air Cannons, Air Mortars, Air Movers, Conveyors & Accessories, Fans, Food & Table-Top Effects Equipment, Golf Rigs, Lighting & Electrical Equipment, Motorized & Pneumatic Rigs-Specialty Rigs, Robots & Robotics, Set Dressings & Props, Turntables, Lazy Susans & Motors, Water Effects Equipment
Business Hours: Mon-Fri: 7-5 or By Appointment
Region: Los Angeles-Western USA
Fax: (818) 765-0135