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Fillmore, California 93015

ANIMAL RENTALS: Forsberg Ranch & Company has served the Motion Pictures industry for over 20 years. Their extensive experience includes the positions of Livestock Supplier, Coordinator, Stunt Performer, Head Wrangler, and Producer. They also offer Prop Rentals, Wagons &amp...... more

(805) 857-1913

Todd Forsberg, Filmore, California, is an Livestock Coordinator, Animal Wrangler, Trainer and Member of Local 399 & Local 492... more

(805) 521-1002

Tonia Forsberg is an Animal Wrangler, Trainer and, Livestock Coordinator located in Fillmore California. A member of Local 399 & Local 492.... more

3906 East Telegraph Road Fillmore, California 93015

Moon Valley Nursery in Fillmore offers Tree and Plant Rentals for Film, Television and Special Events. A Retail and Wholesale Tree and Plant Nurser...... more

351 Santa Clara Avenue Fillmore, California 93015

SHORTLINE ENTERPRISES. Trains, Locomotives, Props, Locations, Dinner Trains, Daytime Rides, Festivals, Special Events and Much More.... more

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