FANTASY COSTUMES - Chicago, Illinois, USA

4065 North Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60641


Fantasy Costumes is the Largest Costume Store in Chicago with a full Theatrical Department and Rental Inventory. Professional Mascots, Wigs (Costume and Hair Replacement), Special Effects Makeup, Props and Accessories. Fantasy Costumes also has a Custom Wig Stylist and Seamstress to make Wigs, Masks and Costumes in-house. Serving the Entertainment community for 50 years.


Product / Service: Fantasy Costume At A Glance::, , , Angry Bird costumes, Animal costumes, Cat in the Hat costumes, Character Makeup kits, Christmas costumes, Clown & Circus costumes, Cop & Convict costumes, Cowboy & Indian costumes, Crayola Crayons, Devil & Angel costumes, Disco costumes, Disney Characters, Doctor & Nurse costumes, Elf costumes, Egyptian costumes, Fairy costumes, Flintstone Costumes, Food & Beverage costumes, Gangster costumes, Flapper costumes, Halloween costumes, Harry Potter costumes, Hippie costumes, Historical costumes, Inflatable costumes, Make-up: Adhesive, Make-up: Latex, Make-up: Beards, Make-up: Moustaches, Make-up: Blood & Gore, Make-up: Brushes, Make-up: Grease Paint, Make-up: Cream Paint, Make-up: Hair color, Make-up: Nails & Eyelashes, Make-up: Spirit Gum, Make-up: Teeth & Fangs, Make-up: Wound & Scar, Make-up: Zombie, Medieval costumes, Renaissance costumes, Military & Sailor costumes, Monster costumes, Muppet costumes, Sesame Street costumes, Ninja costumes, Occupational costumes, Octoberfest costumes, Period Costumes: 1950-1980, Pimp & Big Money costumes, Pirate costumes, Political costumes, Princess costumes, Religious costumes, Rock Star costumes, Roman costumes, Greek costumes, Santa Claus, Scooby Doo costumes, Sports costumes, Star Trek costumes, Star Wars costumes, Steampunk costumes, Storybook costumes, Superhero costumes, Toy Story costumes, Vampire costumes, Video Game costumes, Where's Waldo costumes, Wigs: Adult & Kids, Witch & wizard costumes, Wizard of Oz costumes, Zombie costumes
Region: Chicago - Midwest
Business Hours: Mon-Sat: 9:30-8 Sun: 11-5


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