ELECTRIC TIME COMPANY INC - Medfield, Massachusetts, USA

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97 West Street
Medfield, Massachusetts 2052


Electric Time Company in Medfield manufactures clocks for any location, in any size: Building Clocks, Tower Clocks, Skeleton Clocks, Clock Dials, Clock Hands, Street Clocks and Post Clocks.

Since 1928 Electric Time has been manufacturing quality standard and custom architectural clock products. Exterior clocks or architectural clocks are available in sizes from 18″ (.5 meters) to 30′ (10 meters) for indoor or outdoor applications. The company has grown to a firm with over 7,500 tower clock and street clock installations on every continent, including Antarctica.


Region: New York - Northeast
Business Hours: Mon-Fri: 8:30-5
Instagram: https://instagram.com/electrictimecompany
Facebook: https://facebook.com/Electric-Time-Company-Inc/127918073950854?ref=hl
Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/electrictime
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tower_clocks
Fax: (508) 359-4482


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