Earth Angel - New York City, New York, USA

750 Manhattan Ave
New York City, New York 11222


Not long after graduating from NYU's Tisch film program, I wandered into a workshop at Film Biz Recycling in Gowanus, Brooklyn - The Rise of the Environmental Steward on Set.  Earth Angel was a nickname bestowed on me on my first production serving as an Environmental Steward back in 2011 with Big Beach Films.  

I was digging through a bag of trash on set to separate out the recyclable and compostable items when a crew member came over to me and asked me what I was doing. He was pretty surprised that there was someone on set dedicated to doing my job and said, you must be some kind of earth angel. Next thing you know that's what everyone is calling me on the walkie talkie and the name just stuck.

To this day, whenever I'm set, no one calls me by my actual name, only Earth Angel. Two years later, it turned into a business to build scalable model that impacts the whole industry.


Region: New York - Northeast
Special Attributes: ArtCube Member


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