E.C. PROP RENTALS, INC. | EC PROPS - North Hollywood, California, USA

11846 Sherman Way
North Hollywood, California 91605


E C Prop Rentals, is a Prop House for the Los Angeles area, offering prop rentals for Industrial Props and Set Dressing: Lighting, Locker Room, Warehouse and Industrial Street Dressing. Most Large Items Including Crates are on Casters. Easy Access Loading Dock.

EC Props have an extensive selection of Industrial Lighting includes: Airport & Billboard, China Hats, Construction Lights and Street Lamps. Desk Lamps, Vapor Lights in Various styles and colors, Incandescent and Flood Lights, Wet Location Fluorescent Lights and Fluorescent lights in 2', 4' and 8' sizes. Halogen, Hazardous, Heavy Duty Mount, Light Duty Mount, Medical, Parking Lot, Rotating Beacon, Runway and Tarmac Lights.

Medical and Warehouse Bay Lights, Wall Sconces, String Lights, Parking Meters, K-Rails, Crosswalk and Traffic Lights. E.C. Props also have all kinds of Lockers and Benches: Pro Sports Style, School and Gym Style Lockers, Locker Room Benches, and Electronic Basketball Scoreboard.

Bus Station Lockers, Park Benches, Bus Stop Benches and Sports Sideline Benches. Dumpsters, Clean Trash, Street & Alley Props and Set Dressing. Solar Panels, Warehouse Bay Lights, Vapor Lights, and China Hats.


Product / Service: Warehouse Props, High Multiple Lighting, Fluorescent Lights, China Hat Lights, Warehouse Bay Lights, Vapor Lights, Hazardous Location Lights, Wall Sconces, Lockers, Benches, Locker Room Accessories, Street & Alley Dressing, Dumpsters, K-Rails / Jersey Barrier, Cobra Head Street Lights, Construction Site, Roadside & Street Construction, Warehouses, Shipping Yards, Drums & Barrels, Wine Barrels, Office Chairs & Tables, Bus Shelters, Guard Shacks, Toll Booths, Tool Boxes & Chests, Chainlink Fences, Picnic Tables and Benches, Shelving, Pallet Racking, Pallets both Wood & Plastic, , Accordion Gates, Air Compressors, Air Conditioner/Heater, Air Hoses; Straight & Coiled, Airport Runway Lighting, Airport Seating; Molded Plastic, Alarm Boxes; Business and Residential, All Lighting Fixtures, All Signs, Ammo Crates; Wood and Metal, Animal Cages; Single and Multi Units, Antenna, Rooftop, Asian Signs, Auto Repair Signs, Auto, Truck, and Tractor Tires, Automotive Battery Testing Machines, Automotive Diagnostic Machines, Automotive Droplights, Automotive Fan Belts and Racks, Automotive Jacks; "Bottle" Style, Automotive Jacks; Hydraulic 5-ton Style, Automotive Parts; Body & Engine Parts, Automotive Ramps, Automotive/Garage Signs, Automotive Tire Racks, Barbecue Grills, Ballot Box, Barrels, Crash, Barrels, Steel Drum - 55 Gallon, Barrels, Wine, Barricades; w/ Flashing Lights, Barricades; Crowd Control, Barricades; K-Rails, Barricades; Military Checkpoint, Barrier Curtains, BBQ Grills, Benches; Bus Stop, Benches; Jail, Benches; Locker Room, Benches; Park, Benches; Sports Sideline Style, Billboard Lights; Var Sizes and Styles, Biohazard Signs, Bleachers, Block & Tackle; Var Sizes/Conditions, Boilers, Mock; Castered, Bollards, Breaker Boxes; Aged/Distressed, Breaker Boxes; Stainless Steel, Breathing Apparatus; Wall & Backpack, Bulletin Board Cases; Metal and Wood, Bulletin Boards / Kiosk, Bus Shelters, Bus Stop/Bus Station Seating, Bus Station Signs, Cabinet, Fireproof, Cabinet, Paint, Cabinet, Storage, Cable, Steel, Call Boxes; Emergency, Freeway, Candy Cane Pole Street Lights, Cans, Paint; Var Sizes, Car, Truck, and Tractor Tires, Carnival String Lights, Cement Mixers, Chain Hoist Crane Units, Chain Hoists, Chain Link Fence Sections, Chain Saws, Chain; Var Sizes/Lengths, Real & Mock, Chairs, Chairs; Swivel, China Hat Lights; Var Sizes and Styles, Christmas Tree Lot String Lights, Clean Trash; In Bags, Cleaning Supply Bottles, Clipboards, Clocks; Wall-Mount, Single/Dual Faced, Coat/Hat Racks; Wall Mount/Freestanding, Compressors; Air, Computer / Control Towers, Cones, Construction Grade Lights, Construction Hand Tools, Construction Power Tools, Construction Signs, Construction Steam Vents - Striped, Construction Vent Tubes, Containers; Wire Mesh & Plastic, Conveyor Belts, Electric and Manual, Coronavirus Signs, Courthouse Signs, COVID-19 Signs, Crates; Milk, Var Sizes, Crates; Vegetable, Var Sizes, Crates; Wood, Var Sizes/Styles, Crosswalk Lights, Curtains, Freezer, Dance Mirrors, Delineators; Traffic, Construction, and Parking Lot, Desk Lamps, Incandescent and Fluorescent, Desktop Items; Staplers/Rolodexes/etc., Dimmer Boards, Dividers, Drill Presses; Floor and Benchtop, Drinking Fountains; Wall Mount and Freestanding, Drums; Cardboard and Fiberboard, Drums; Round, Metal/Plastic, Var, Drums; Round, With Hand Pumps, Drums; Square, Metal, Ducting, Ducting; Rooftop and Exposed Ceiling, Var Sizes and Lengths, Dumpsters; 2 and 3 Cubic Yard Style, Electric Box; Curbside, Electric Box; Outdoor, Electric Meter Panels; Large, Electric Meters; With and Without Breaker Boxes, Electrical Panels/Switches, Electrical Cable, Electron Microscope, Electronic Control Boxes; Var Sizes and Styles, Electronic Control Panels; Var Sizes and Styles, Electronic Control Towers; Var Sizes/Styles, Electric Stations, Emergency Call Box, Engine Hoists, Engine Stands, Engine; Both Mock and Real, Entry/Exit Signs, European Signs, Eye Wash Stations; Wall Mount, Eye Wash/Shower Stations; Freestanding, Factory Signs, Fans; Box Style, Fans; Desktop, Fans; Floorstanding, Fence Sections; Chain Link, Fence Sections; Wrought Iron, File Boxes of Paperwork, Filing Cabinets, Fire Alarm Bells, Fire Axes, Fire Cabinet, Fire Extinguishers; W/ & W/out Boxes, Fire Hoses; With and Without Boxes, Fire Hydrants, Fire Pulls, Fire Related Signs, First Aid Cabinets/Kits, First Aid Signs, Flagpole; Freestanding & Wall Mount, Flood Lights, Fluorescent Lights; 2', 4', and 8', Fountains, Drinking; Wall Mount and Freestanding, Freeway Call Box Set-Up, Freeway Crash Barrel, Freeway Guard Rails, Freeway Signs, Freezer Barrier Curtains, Furnaces; Mock, Castered, Fuse Boxes; Modern and Period, Gas Cans; Var Sizes, Gas Meters, Gas Station Signs, Gate Valve Units; Horizontal Standing, Var, Gate Valve Units; Vertical Standing, Var, Gate Valves; Var Sizes and Lengths, Gauges, Gear Wheels, Government Property Signs, Grinders; Floor-Standing & Benchtop, Guard Rails; Safety, Guard Shacks; All Castered, Gym Signs, Hand Rails/Railings, Hand Tools; All Sizes and Conditions, Hard Hats and Vests, Halogen Lights, Hat/Coat Racks; Wall Mount and Freestanding, Hazardous Location Lights; Var Mount, Heaters; Floorstanding and Tabletop, Heaters; Wall Mounted, Heavy Duty Lights; Var Mount, High Voltage Signs, Hospital Signs; Exterior / Interior, Insulators, Jackhammers, Jail Bars, Jail Benches, Jail Bunks/Beds, Jail Signs, Jail Toilets; W/ and W/O Sink, Janitor Carts, Janitorial Signs, Jars for Garage Dressing, K-Rails, Key Boxes; Wall Mount, Keypads; Wall Mount and Freestanding, Kiosk / Bulletin Board, Knaack-Style Job Boxes, Knife Switches/Levers, Laboratory Signs, Laboratory Items, Laboratory Station; Classroom, Ladders; Var Styles/Materials, Ladders; Warehouse, Var Sizes/Colors, Laundry Carts, Levers, Lighting Fixtures; All, Light Duty Lights; Wall/Ceiling Mount, Lights; Airport Runway, Var Styles/Colors, Lights; Billboard, Var Sizes and Styles, Lights; Candy Cane Pole Street Lights, Lights; China Hat, Var Sizes and Styles, Lights; Cobra Head Street Lights, Lights; Construction Grade, Lights; Crosswalk, Lights; Desk Lamps, Incandescent and Fluorescent, Lights; Flood, Lights; Fluorescent, 2', 4', and 8', Lights; Halogen, Lights; Hazardous Location, Var Mount, Lights; Heavy Duty, Var Mount, Lights; Light Duty, Var Mount, Lights; Medical, Lights; Parking Lot, Lights; Rotating Beacon, Lights; Runway / Tarmac, Lights; Spotlights, Lights; String Lights, Lights; Surgical, Lights; Traffic, Var Sizes, Lights; Vapor, Var Styles/Colors, Lights; Wall Sconce, Lights - Warehouse Bay, Lights - Wet Location Fluorescent, Lights - Work, Liquid Storage Containers, Various Sizes & Styles, Loading Dock Signs, Locker Room Benches, Locker Room Signs, Lockers; Bus Station, Lockers; Pro Sports Style, Lockers, School & Gym Style, Lunch Boxes and Thermos', Machine Signs, Mailboxes; Apartment Style, Mailboxes; Residential, Manuals; Hard and Soft-Cover, Meat Hooks, Medical Lights, Metal Detector; Walk Through, Metro Racks, Microscope, Electron, Milk Crates, Plastic - Wood - Metal, Mirror; Dance, Mirrors; Jail and Restroom, Missile Containers; Var Sizes, Monster Switches, Motorcycle/ATV Jacks, Nitrogen Tanks, No Smoking Signs, Notebooks; 3 Ring Binder Style, Office Signs, Oil Cans/Bottles; 1 qt. and 1 gal., Open/Closed Signs, Oscilloscope, Paint Cans; 1 pt., 1 qt., 1 gal., and Spray, Paint Locker, Paint Thinner Cans, Paint Tools/Supplies, Pallet Jacks, Pallets; Wood and Plastic, Park/Playground Signs, Parking Lot Arms, Parking Lot Lights, Parking Meters; on Bases, Parking Signs, Partitions, Parts Organizers, Picnic Table/Bench Units; Fiberglass and Aluminum, Pipe/Conduit; Metal, Var Lengths and Widths, Pipe/Conduit; PVC, Var Lengths and Widths, Police Station Signs, Portable Toilet, Porta-Potty, Power Plant, Prison Signs, Produce Crates; Var Sizes, Propane Tanks; Var Sizes, Public Address Control Unit, Radiators; Residential, Railings, Razor Wire; Mock, Real Estate Signs, Recycling Bins; Crate Style and 2-Wheel Style, Restricted Area Signs, Restroom Signs, Road Signs, Rooftop Air Conditioners; Var Sizes and Styles, Rooftop Solar Panels, Rooftop Swamp Coolers; Var Sizes and Styles, Rooftop TV Antenna, Rooftop Vents and Turbines; Var Sizes and Styles, Rope; Var Sizes and Lengths, Rotating Beacon Lights; Var Styles / Globe Colors, Runway / Tarmac Lights; Var Styles / Globe Colors, Sandblasters, Saws; Table/Chop/Band/etc., Freestanding/Tabletop/Handheld, Safety Cones, Safety Railings, Scaffolding, Scales, Scientific Items, Scientific Tanks, Scissor Gates, School Signs, Scoreboard; Electronic Basketball Style, Security Booths, Security Cameras, Security Gates, Server Towers, Shelving; All Metal, Var Sizes, Shelving; All Wood, Var Sizes, Shelving; Metal with Wood Shelf Tops, Var Sizes, Shelving; Pallet Rack Style, Var Sizes, Shop-Vacuums, Sign Posts; Var Sizes and Styles, Signs; All, Sinks; Utility/Stainless Steel, Smudge Pots, Solar Panels, Spanish Signs, Speakers; Variety of Sizes and Styles, Sprinkler Heads; W/ and W/O Cages, Spools, Wooden, Spotlights, Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks, Stainless Steel Tanks, Stanchions, Steam Vents; Orange/White Striped, Var Lengths and Widths, Steel Cable, Storage Cabinets, Storage Lockers, Street Lights, Street Signs, Street Repair Signs, String Lights, Surgical Lights, Swivel Chairs, Tables; Office/Utility, Tables; Workshop, Telephone Pole Crossbars, Telephone Pole Transformers, Telephone Poles, Telephones; Desktop and Wall Mount, Var Styles and Colors, Ticket Booths, Tires; Auto, Truck, and Tractor, Toll Booth Signs, Toll Booths; All Castered, Tool Boxes; Metal and Plastic, Tool Carts; Castered, Tool Cases; Plastic, Tool Chest Sets; Castered, Tool Sets; Complete in Plastic Cases, Tools; All Varieties/Conditions, Traffic Cones, Traffic Lights; Var Sizes, Traffic Signs, Transformers; Var Sizes, Trash - Clean, Trash Bags - Filled, Trash Cans; Galvanized/Plastic/Metal, Trash Cans; NY Style Wire Mesh, Trophies; Var Sizes, Trophy Cases, Turnstiles, TV Antenna, Utility Box; Street, Utility Sinks, Valet Stand, Vapor Lights; Var Styles / Globe Colors, Vegetable Crates; Var Sizes, Vises; Freestanding and Benchtop, Voting Machine, Wall/Ceiling Mounted Heavy Duty Lights, Wall/Ceiling Mounted Light Duty Lights, Wall Mounted Air Conditioner/Heater, Wall Sconce Lights, Warehouse Bay Lights; Var Styles, Water Bottles; 5 gal., Glass and Plastic, Water Dispensers, Water Fountains; Wall Mount and Freestanding, Welding Curtains, Welding Gloves/Masks/Aprons, Welding Tank Hoses and Torches, Welding Tanks; With and Without Carts, Wet Location Fluorescent Lights, Wheelbarrows, Window Unit Air Conditioners; Just Backs & Fronts, Wine Barrels; W/ Racks for Laying Horizontal, Wooden Spools, Work Lights, Workbenches/Worktables, Wrought Iron Fence Sections
Region: Los Angeles - West Coast
Business Hours: Mon-Fri: 8:30-5:00
Fax: (818) 764-2374