DSSP INC - Reno, Nevada, USA

5301 Longley Lane, Suite 118
Reno, Nevada 89511


DSSP Inc. in Reno, is the manufacturer and inventor of the eSquib, a reusable pyrotechnic-like effect. eSquibs produce a bright white fireball flash with a firecracker like report. A single eSquib can be fired hundreds of times without replacement, unlike old standard Z-17 squibs that only fire once. The eSquib is green, safe, smoke-free, odor-free, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The eSquibs are safe for intimate proximity and can be safely mounted on the thinnest costumes or delicate props without danger. The eSquib is used in film & television, theme parks, and military training. The eSquib provides a lower per-shot cost and immediate retakes on the set. DSSP can custom design props for use with eSquibs such as magic wands, bullet hit walls, tasers and other weapons. Sales & Rentals Office: (775) 851-4443 ext. 106


Product / Service: eSquibs Effects, Gun Muzzle Flashes, Laser Hits, Bullet Hits, Electrical Arcs, Sparks, Instrument Panel Malfunctions, Sci-Fi Imagery, Miniatures, Environmentally Friendly, Indoor Pyrotechnics, Electrically Ignited, Reusable
Region: Los Angeles - West Coast
Business Hours: Mon- Fri: 8-5
Website 2: http://www.esquibs.com
Fax: (775) 851-4477


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