Dream Beings INC - New York City, New York, USA

184 Buffalo Ave #2
New York City, New York 11213


We are a production firm that not only creates content, but consults with people about creating theirs. We help creators create. Dream Beings INC is a consultant firm for production services. We are not only a photo - video studio, and create content, in house.

We produce, shoot, and also consult with creators, brands, and people, to help them produce their own. For those not working in the industry, we are the friend that works in the industry. We are a company that works in the professional world of Film, and Series TV. We also work in Product advertising, Blog ads and online media. Actor reels, headshots, and short films.

We work with global names, and people we meet in the street. Dream Beings is based in Brooklyn, NY, but we work nationwide. All our crew members are creatives and technicians that have been working in the industry, at the top of their field, for decades. We all love what we do and our crews are our family.

This company is built on relationships. Relationships that have spanned over many, many years, and many, many, jobs. We, is the key, because you, are only as strong as your team.


Region: New York - Northeast
Special Attributes: ArtCube Member