DAPPER CADAVER LLC - Madison, Wisconsin, USA

1018 Stewart Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53713


Dapper Cadaver supplies Death Related Props, Scientific Equipment & Halloween Decor. Their inventory includes: Fake Body Parts, Bodies, Animal Props, Taxidermy, Skeletons & Skulls, Fetuses, Torture Instruments, Autopsy Props, Specimen Jars, Caskets and Coffins.

Rentals, sales and Custom Fabrication. The Los Angeles location for Dapper Cadaver is closed; the shop has relocated to Madison, Wisconsin.
- SDSA Business Member


Product / Service: Dapper Cadaver:, , , Animal Props, Taxidermy, Egyptian Dressing, Fossils, Dinosaurs, Vintage Science Equipment, Relics, Life Size Figures, Vintage Decor, Cultural Artifacts, Fake Animal Skulls, Fake Animal Bones, Replica Food PropsAliens, Anatomical Charts, Anatomical Models, Blood, Fake Bodies, Fake Body Parts, Bones, Skulls, Skeletons, Candelabras, Caskets, Cemetery Dressing, Circus Sideshow, Drugstore Set Dressing, Apothecary, Fall Dummies, Crash Dummies, Fake Pregnancy Belly, Training Cadavers, Foam Weapons, Electric Chair, Electric Chair Rental, Goth Decor, Guillotines, Gurneys, Halloween Decorations, Haunted House Props, Monsters, Lab Equipment, Medical Props, Medical Instruments, Morgue, Mortuary, Science Equipment, Torture Equipment, X-rays
Region: Chicago - Midwest
Business Hours: Mon-Fri: 9-5 (Central Time)
IMDB: https://imdb.com/company/co0249376
Special Attributes: SDSA Member


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