CYBER FX - Burbank, California, USA

2940 North Naomi Street
Burbank, California 91504


Laser scanners for 3D digitizing maquettes, objects, and people, including whole body scans. This data can be imported into an animation, modeling or CAD-CAM program. Or, it can be sent to one of their rapid prototyping or CNC-Sculpting machines.

hese custom-built sculpting machines can reproduce that maquette, object, or person in polyurethane foam or machinable wax at any scale. 3D Digitizing & Laser Scanning: Full Body Scan, Head Scanning, Mobile Scanning and Maquette and Fine Art Scanning


Product / Service: Sculpture Services: Sculpture Enlargement, Sculpture Reduction, Mold Masters, Architectural Models and Rapid Prototyping Since 1992
Region: Los Angeles - West Coast
Fax: (818) 273 4963


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