CUSTOM PROP SHOP | CPS - North Hollywood, California, USA

6034 Vineland Avenue, Ste. 2001
North Hollywood, California 91606


Custom Prop Shop, in the Los Angeles area, specializes in Custom Prop Fabrication and Scenery Construction. Their team of Prop Builders & Model Makers also create 3D Props, Oversized Props, Scenery, Trade Show Displays and Set Pieces.

They work with a wide variety of materials: Foam, Metal, Wood, Fiberglass & Plastic. In addition to working with Film & TV Productions, Special Events, Themed Entertainment & Trade Shows, they also create Building Adornments, Architectural Details, Props, Displays and Sets for Retail Stores, Advertising and Marketing campaigns.

The Custom Prop Shop client list includes: Disney, Google, Dior, Broadcom, NASA and many more.

- CAPABILITIES: Sculpture, CNC, Molds, Welding, Mechanical Effects, Electronics, Models, Vacuum Forming and Scenic Paint

- FABRICATION: Giant and Oversized Props, Custom Props, Mechanical Props, Signage, Miniatures and Models.

- MATERIALS: Foam, Wood, Metal, Plastic and Fiberglass


Product / Service: Prop Makers, Prop Construction, Prop Builders, Oversized Props, Fiberglass Props, Foam Props, Fabrication, Sets, Signs, Miniatures, Models, Vacuum Forming, Electronics, Mechanical Effects, Trade Show Exhibits, Retail Store Displays, Commissioned Art Pieces, Statues, Los Angeles, North Hollywood, Hollywood
Region: Los Angeles - West Coast
Business Hours: Fabricating 7 days a week


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