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(214) 448-2482

5139 Sharp Street Dallas, Texas 75206

C. Scenic is a Dallas-based Design Studio and Fabrication Shop. They design and build scenery, exhibits, props, and entire environments for a wide range of clients.... more

(505) 570-0868

4401 McLeod Rd. NE Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109

Five Ton Monkey in Albuquerque, is a design and fabrication shop for props and scenery. An eclectic group of IATSE prop-makers serving New Mexico's entertainment industry....... more

Austin, Texas 78610

Crushing Force, maker of Custom Made Swords, Knives, Weapons and Armor. Medieval to Science Fiction. Historic, Fantasy or Futuristic.... more

(214) 821-0002

3917 Willow Street Dallas, Texas 75226

Dallas Stage Scenery in Dallas, Texas provides Staging, Flats, Turntables, Wagons. Custom Props, CNC Work. Soft Goods, Back Drops, Drapery. Scaffol...... more

(512) 293 4178

1406 Smith Road, Suite F Austin, Texas 78721

Custom Fabrication Props. Foam Carving, 3-D Sculptural Pieces, Advertising, Retail Spaces, Events, Design, Mold-making, Themed Environments, All on...... more

(214) 951-9051

4819 Woodall Street Dallas, Texas 75247

Mecca Design in Dallas Texas offers set design and production services: Set & Scenery Construction, Custom Props and Exhibits for Special Event...... more

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Custom Prop Makers in Southwestern US

Custom Prop Makers fabricate Hero Props, Weapons, Breakaways, Models and Miniatures.