Conserv Office Solutions - New York City, New York, USA

40 Bayview Avenue
New York City, New York 11096


Conserv Office Solutions is an industry leader in office liquidation and decommissioning services, as well as a one-stop resource for all your office furniture needs. As leaders in the office furniture and office liquidation business since 2003, our relationships run deep.

We serve Fortune 500 companies, leading professional firms, large and small business, commercial real estate companies and property managers, who return to Conserv for the innovative solutions we provide. We are committed to sustainability in everything we do, and have developed programs to recycle, repurpose and donate preowned furniture with the goal of achieving zero waste from your project.

Through our innovative programs, we can ensure that your gently used furniture will find new life rather than being disposed as landfill.


Region: New York - Northeast
Special Attributes: ArtCube Member