Conceptual Reality - Los Angeles, California, USA

1029 N. Ave 50
Los Angeles, California 90042


Using our collective of wide-ranging talent, our mission is to make the most extraordinary concepts imaginable come to life. We assess each client's unique needs to help them realize their vision, and then enlist a creative team to execute every aspect of their custom-tailored concept. Collaboration and mindful work flow is at the forefront of every job, and key to CR's process.

Every creative in CR's network has been vetted as an experienced and sought after artist and producer that's been trained to execute with the highest standards of professionalism, creativity and prowess. Specialties: Floral Design, Production design, concept execution, set design, event planning and coordination.

Why Us?
Our culture is based on executing the truth of a brand through the shared ideas of the creative and the client. Conceptual Reality is dedicated to visual art pieces and products that exude a commitment to creativity, quality, collaboration and wow-factor. Offering Most clients are looking to bring a concept to life. They have all been in the events industry yet we take every event as an opportunity to take a more artistic approach to event production. The goal is to offer a once in a lifetime event that exudes a unique look and feel.


Region: Los Angeles - West Coast
Special Attributes: ArtCube Member


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